Think back to one year ago this week...remember snowpocolypse or snowmageddon? Last January Boise set a record for most snow fall from October to January in history We saw record setting snow accumulations for Boise, but it's not even close to the misery of the winter Idahoans suffered through almost 60 years ago...the worst Idaho winter on record.


Think back to this week last had extended vacation due to all the snow in the Treasure Valley. Businesses were closed, peoploe couldn't get to work and I couldn't get my car out of my garage for over a month. It was the worst snow year since I moved to Boise nearly 25 years ago. But it wasn't the worst winter on record...not by a long shot.

The worst winter in memory for Idahoans happened almost 60 years ago.  Thanks to you can see pictures of the blizzard and cold temps that hit Southwester Idaho in the winter of "49. It didn't just hit Southern Idaho, the storm spread across the Northwest, Inland Empire and then into Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska.

The storms pretty much shut down Idaho and especially South Western Idaho for weeks. Trains and cars weren't able to travel because of snow and airplanes had to make regular emergency air drops of food and necessities to help make sure that stranded families didn't starve to death and make it through the worst parts of that winter.

This amazing nearly 60 year old video above is actually a 16 MM film from the winter of 1949, filmed on the Palouse just outside Moscow in Colton, Washington. But it gives you an idea of just how much snow and wind all of the Northwest, including Oregon, Washington and Idaho received that year in what some call the worst winter Idaho has ever seen.


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