More often than not, there is usually another artist that inspired a rapper before they blew up. Whether it be because of a rap flow or drip, it’s only right that they pay homage to those that came before them in the game. That’s exactly what 2021 XXL Freshman Lakeyah does when speaking on her top five favorite rappers.

Lakeyah is best known for being a rapper's rapper and taking pride in her wordplay. So, it's no surprise that first up on her list is multiplatinum-selling rapper Nicki Minaj. Lakeyah admits she's part of the lauded MC's loyal fan base. “Nicki Minaj, I’m a Barb, like, that’s just, you already know I was gonna say that,” says the Milwaukee native. “She’s the G.O.A.T.”

The Quality Control Music signee is a big fan of rapper's who use metaphors, too. She's got them all over her tracks. As you could guess, Lil Wayne is also on Lakeyah’s top five. “I’ma definitely say Wayne ’cause like, he the metaphor God,” she explains. “That man was studying the dictionary. He know a lot.” She then names Drake as another one of her favorite rappers. The Big 3 all make it onto her list. “And, I had to put him in there ’cause they the Dream Team,” she says.

Her top five favorite rappers wouldn't be complete without including DMV rap star Wale to her. She favors his rap style and substance. “I really, really love, love poetic rappers” Lakeyah confirms. “He’s the one. I love Wale.”

Lakeyah then adds Tee Grizzley to finish off her top choices. “But, [No.] 5, my favorite rapper from Detroit is Tee Grizzley,” she asserts. “Shout-out Tee Grizzley, I hope I get a song with you. You know I fuck with you. I’m from Milwaukee, so, yes.”

Watch Lakeyah give a rundown of her top five rappers below.

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