Sexyy Red has revealed why she chooses to spell her name with two Ys instead of one.

Sexyy Red Gives Meaning for Name Misspelling

Sexyy Red is five shows into her first-headlining Hood Hottest Princess Tour. On Tuesday night (Oct. 24), the St. Louis rapper performed at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. During the show, Sexyy took a break from the action to explain why she spells her name with two Ys after apparently only seeing it spelled with one.

"Y'all dead wrong for that one," she tells the crowd in the video below. "Y'all a**es spell it with two Ys because I'm extra sexy. If y'all put one Y, I don't know who that b***h is."

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Sexyy Red Hits the Road While Pregnant

Sexyy Red is in the midst of a 20-city tour while she is with child. Earlier this month, she revealed she is preggers with photos showing off her baby bump on Instagram. She later shared photos when she was pictured while pregnant and no one knew.

"I was pregnant [as f**k] on here [tryna] suck my belly in. I got tired of fakin'," she wrote over a photo she posted on her Instagram feed days before the official reveal.

It is unclear how far along Sexyy Red is in her pregnancy. Her tour is slated to continue through Nov. 29.

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See Sexyy Red explaining why she spells her name the way she does at a recent concert below.

Watch Footage From Sexyy Red's Detroit Show

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