It's been 12 years since Gucci Mane shocked the internet when he got a huge ice cream cone tattoo on his face. Now, the rapper is saying if he could do it over again, he probably would not make the same decision.

Gucci Mane Talks Infamous Ice Cream Tattoo

Gucci Mane is on the heels of releasing his new album Breath of Fresh Air, which dropped on Oct. 17. Last week, he sat down for an interview with The Morning Hustle. During the discussion, Guwop was asked about him being a trendsetter in the face tattoo department.

"I wouldn’t take credit for starting the trend, but I think I definitely made people think it was something cool to do," Gucci said at the 9:34-mark of the interview below. "I was going through something when I did it. If I could do it over again, I probably wouldn’t have did it. But, I don't regret it all."

"People don’t know the backstory to that," he added. "That backstory to that is, I wasn’t in a healthy place at the time. That was just a sporadic thing I did."

Gucci Mane attends a party at the Velvet Room on December 25, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Prince Williams/Getty Images

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Gucci Mane's Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoo

Back in January of 2011, Gucci Mane unveiled a large tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face. He got the ink days after he was released from a mental health facility after being ordered there for treatment. Gucci Mane was arrested on multiple occasions that April on charges of battery and aggravated assault. He served three months in jail for the charges later that year.

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See Guwop explaining why he wouldn't get the ice cream cone face tattoo if he could do it all over below.

Watch Gucci Mane's Interview on The Morning Hustle

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