If you're visiting Idaho from another state, welcome! We're happy to have you. Are you heading to Boise? Even better, because that's where we are!

And that means we've got our finger on the pulse of the hottest places to stay in Boise if you're only here for a short while.

But what if there was a newer, hotter, sexier place to stay?

Scroll Below To See If A High-Rise Hotel Would Be Good For Boise Tourism

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Would a cool new high-rise hotel in Boise be a good thing? Would it bring in folks from all around who can't wait to spend their money at said hotel and surrounding businesses? Would we get national news stories covering us, resulting in even more people coming to visit?

Possibly. But we can feel you getting irritated at the idea. Let's address that.

We're going to venture a guess and say that some people in Idaho wouldn't be thrilled if a mega-hotel was built in the middle of downtown Boise. We often hear complaints about longer lines in stores, an increase in traffic, and just...more people...everywhere you go. So, maybe a giant new hotel can wait a few years?


Now, if that enormous hotel somehow did get built in downtown Boise, we have a few ideas on what that could turn the entire state of Idaho into in the near future. Here's a look (according to A.I.) at what Idaho could look like just four years from now, in the year 2028:

This Is What Idaho Could Look Like In 2028 According To A.I.

Who knows what Idaho is going to be like four years from now. Well, according to A.I., it seems to know exactly what Idaho will evolve into in the near future.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media