"So, is it affordable to live in Boise?"

If you ask that question to someone from Idaho, don't expect a smile in return, because the cost of living across the state has been rising faster than your dad's heartrate when he found out Beyonce is putting out a country album.

Or, has it?

Is the cost of living in Boise actually...affordable?

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You'll be told by locals that due to Californians relocating to Boise, the cost of living has skyrocketed. That's aside from longer lines at businesses, more traffic, and just more people running into you at places. However, by comparison, Boise is still a pretty affordable city to live in.

According to SoFi, Boise's cost-of-living index is actually significantly lower than major cities. For example, Boise's cost-of-living index currently sits at 107, while Los Angelas is much higher at 150. So, while it might feel to us that Boise is really expensive, in the grand scheme of things, it's actually more affordable to live here than most major cities in the U.S.


Is this how things are going to be in Boise just a few years from now? We're not able (at the moment) to read the future, so we enlisted the efforts of A.I., prompting it to render some images of what Boise, and Idaho, could look like in 2028.

While it might be an exciting idea to be able to take a peek at, we're warning you, it's not promising:

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