Living in Idaho means that we’re spoiled by incredibly breathtaking landscapes waiting to be explored and they’re just minutes from our front door.

Whether that means hiking through the foothills, which will soon be blooming with beautiful wild flowers or camping in one of our national forests, there are so many options you’ll never get bored. What you might not realize is that some of the pretty (and not so pretty plants) you may encounter during your adventures are unsettlingly poisonous. 

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We’re not just talking about plants like poison ivy that can give you a nasty, itchy rash and blisters if you happen to wander off a trail or the greenbelt and find yourself ankle deep in the shiny, oily leaves. 

Sign with poison ivy plants around

We’re talking about plants that are so toxic, that eating parts of them could actually kill you. Sure, some of these don’t look edible and you probably wouldn’t think about eating them in the first place. But your curious toddler who will just about anything in their mouth during this phase in their life? They just might. 

Others of these DO look edible. They’re full of yummy looking berries or resemble onions, but trust us when we say you DON’T want to make a pie out of them or chop them up to put on your burger. 

These plants are part of a larger United States Forest Service pamphlet about poisonous plants in Idaho. We pulled out the ones that are particularly unpleasant or lethal.

Highly Toxic Plants You Should Definitely Try to Avoid in Idaho

According to a pamphlet from the United States Forest Service there are more than 20 poisonous plants in Idaho. These are some of the nastiest ones around.

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