Did you go to bed wondering if you were a billionaire? Thousands of Americans who bought a ticket for the $1.3 Billion Powerball drawing on Saturday, April 6 did. 

The drawing for the fourth largest Powerball of all time, was originally scheduled to take place at 8:59 p.m. MT but one of the 45 states, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Island wasn’t able to complete the pre-draw procedures in time for the drawing to go ahead as scheduled.

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According to a release from Powerball officials, every Powerball ticket sold, no matter how large the jackpot has gotten, needs to be verified against two computer systems before each drawing. With the number of players trying to win over $1 billion one jurisdiction needed more time to do that. 

That’s why the drawing didn’t take place until 12:29 a.m. MT on Sunday, April 7 after many Americans were fast asleep. 

Winning Ticket Sold in Oregon


When that drawing DID finally the Powerball’s streak of not having a winner finally game to an end with the 41st drawing. A single ticket matching the numbers 22-27-44-52-69 and Powerball 9 was sold in Oregon, which means a resident or visitor who purchased their ticket is the winner of $1.326 billion (pre-tax) or a lump sum of $621 million (pre-tax.) The Oregon Lottery has not yet revealed which county the ticket was sold in, but according to ABC 27, this is that state’s fourth powerball win and its largest.

Don’t Toss Your Ticket!

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion Dollars
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Even if you didn’t cross the state line to buy your ticket, you may still have won some big money. Powerball officials say that 81 tickets won $50,000 and 26 won $150,000. The Idaho Lottery hasn’t said whether or not any of those tickets were sold in the Gem State, but two of lower tier, big money prizes for the drawing on Monday, April 1 WERE sold in Idaho. You can read more about those tickets sold in Jerome and Ada Counties HERE. 

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