Fact: you're never too old to enjoy the magic of Easter

Middleton Parks & Rec is getting teens and adults in on the Easter fun with a quirky take on the classic egg hunt.
Unlike the dozens of daylight egg hunts happening around Boise's Treasure Valley this weekend, this one doesn't begin until the sun goes down. A favorite among locals, Becky's annual Glow-In-the-Dark Egg Hunt at Foote Park is the only one of its kind in the greater Boise area.
Middleton Parks & Recreation // Facebook
Middleton Parks & Recreation // Facebook

Sorry, little bitties. This egg hunt is for "kids" ages 12 to 99!

If you feel guilty for excluding the tiny humans, don't 😘
They have dibs on just about every major holiday on the calendar. And if they start to fuss, flip it! Remind them of the hundreds of fun events that excluded parents and hit 'em with the old "sharing is caring" speech.
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Hey, egg hunters! Don't forget your baskets & flashlights!

A wise man once said, "Hunting for eggs without an egg basket sucks." Okay, we made that up, but you get the point. Don't have a basket? No biggie. Shopping bags, buckets, and pillow cases will get the job done.
Google Maps
Google Maps // Foote Park off N Middleton Rd & Cornell St

Prizes aren't just for kids, y'all!

Becky's moonlight egg-stravaganza starts at 8:30 pm and it's stacked with chances to win grand prizes like gift cards, cool Easter baskets, and good ole fashioned hooch for the 21-and-uppers.
Click here for Becky's Glow-In-the-Dark Egg Hunt Facebook event page with additional info and to RSVP.

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