Boise State Football's offseason has only begun, and the drama surrounding its star players rivals anything on Netflix. We've learned today that the team's best player, Ashton Jeanty, will return to the team. Online and irresponsible radio reports had speculated that the talented running back would take a boatload of money to leave Boise for a giant monied Power Five school.
Bronco Nation now holds onto the hope that talented Taylen Green will not leave the team. As we reported here, Mr. Green has entered the transfer portal. Fans have openly critiqued his decision online and in other forums, calling him selfish and other names.

Fans shouldn't be critical of Mr. Green's possible departure from Boise State. (Coach Danielson is trying to keep Mr. Green a Bronco.) Let's review a few of the legitimate reasons why Mr. Green is in the Transfer Portal.

Broken Promises

Mr. Green entered the season as the starting quarterback only to have his confidence shaken by a quarterback controversy brought on by poor coaching. The Broncos couldn't figure out how to use his talents that were highlighted last year by Coach Dirk Koetter.

Mr. Green regained his starting job, not by earning it, but because of an injury. If that injury to the other quarterback hadn't happened, Mr. Green would already be trying on the jersey of his new team.

Coaching Uncertainty

The Offensive Coordinator

If Mr. Green stays in Boise, can he really trust that the same offensive coordinator will not demote him again? Athletes have a limited time to develop and gain game experience. The quarterback has already lost a year and a possible year to compete for the Heisman Trophy.

Bigger Options

The local sports folks have published a list of possible destinations for the Boise State standout.

With the exception of Cal and Baylor, the rest of those schools listed above have coaches that are exceptional at developing quarterbacks. Arkansas has Bobby Petrino as their new offensive coordinator. Coach Petrino was NFL Pro Bowler Lamar Jackson's college coach. Who wouldn't want the coach to guide one to a possible NFL career.

Money Means More

Ashton Jeanty did not stay at Boise State for the love of the old Blue. He stayed because his NIL value allowed him to command more compensation. Mr. Green could make a lot more money if he goes to a Power Five program. One coach recently said the going rate for a starting college quarterback is one million dollars.

What Would You Do?

We all know the answer that we would look for the best opportunity for on field success and compensation. College football has become a mini version of the NFL. We wish Mr. Green luck and look forward to seeing him in the future.

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