Idahoans love their state, but just like other places, there are challenges to living in the Gem State. However, a bad day in Idaho is better than a great day in any other state in America.

One aspect that attracts folks to Idaho is its people. You can always tell who has lived in Idaho by how they behave in public. Folks who are visiting or are new to the state aren't used to folks letting you line or stopping their vehicles to allow you to cross the street or parking lot.

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Unlike some states, Idaho is not a cheap place to buy a home. However, the Gem State is more affordable for homebuyers than our surrounding states of Washington, Oregon, Utah, and California. Home prices have dropped in Idaho due to the rapid rise in interest rates. Home rates have tripled in recent years, slowing the market and lowering prices.

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Idaho is not a high-wage state. We've seen an influx of retirees and remote workers. If you work here, you must stretch your dollar further if you want a nice place to live.

Spring and Summer are the seasons when most folks decide it's time to move. We'll begin to see specials on rentals and home prices. Finding a place you love that will not make you house-poor is the key. Experts have told us it's best to start early, take your time to review the area you're thinking of moving to, and check to see what type of vehicles are on the streets.

You should feel happy and safe in your new location. Idaho may not be perfect, but we all continue to work together to keep our quality of life.

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