Just like we can expect snow and rain during February, scammers and online predators are once again impersonating local law enforcement officers. The latest scam involves the Ada County Sheriff's Office and Sgt. Eric Bradley or other deputies. (Note: there is no Sgt. Eric Bradley is working at the Ada County Sherriff's Office. 

The current scam involves someone claiming to be a deputy or Sgt. Bradley (who doesn't exist) contacts victims demanding money. The fake officer will allege that the victim has missed jury duty, a tax bill, or a civil judgment. 

The scammers will instruct the victim to deposit the money in an online account to avoid arrest. These scams are not unique; however, they've become so prevalent locally that the sheriff's office took to Facebook to post this warning. 

'In reality, if one of our deputies had to issue an arrest warrant or file a civil judgment, they would try to find you in person and leave cards with call-back numbers on them several times before calling – and that would be to set up a meet.'

Law enforcement will not ask you to submit a payment electronically on the phone or a pre-paid credit card. Phone and online scammers want to steal your identity, bank accounts, passwords, and anything of value. 

It may be shocking to get a call or an email from folks claiming to be law enforcement or other government organizations. The FBI has also warned folks how scammers are trying to steal your data and finances. 

The Better Business Bureau is aware of the scam and says people can protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft by never giving out any personal information when getting an unsolicited phone call.

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