In a move that would surprise no one who has moved to Idaho from a big city or another state, the city of Meridian has installed 'police cameras' to monitor traffic. 

The story was first reported by KTVB, detailing how the cameras will work and who will be monitoring their feeds. You can read our report here on our thoughts on why every city in the Treasure Valley should install red light cameras. Red light cameras are a significant revenue source in large metropolitan areas that record cars that run red lights at intersections. The offending driver is issued a traffic ticket and must pay the ticket as if he was given one by a police officer. 

Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media
Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media

Meridian Police told KTVB that these cameras will hold certain information for sixty days. Cameras that record vehicles that go through intersections can be used to help law enforcement catch offenders who are fleeing a crime scene. Another use for the new cameras is to help law enforcement find missing adults or children during Amber Alerts or other emergencies. 

Although some civil libertarians may voice their concerns, public cameras have been used throughout Idaho and the country for several years. Media organizations have used real-time cameras that monitor traffic flows, reporting accidents and other incidents during the morning and afternoon commutes.

The Meridian Police told KTVB that they are not looking for anyone's personal information or to invade their privacy. Traffic accidents continue to increase in the Treasure Valley due to drivers exceeding the speed limit and running red lights.

Will continue to update this story as it develops. 

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