Thanksgiving Morning in Boise

It's the end of March, and basketball madness continues nationwide. In Idaho, the state's legislature is allegedly ramping down. However, the body could end tomorrow, although that appears highly unlikely. 

The state senate continues to debate issues, including the contentious proposed purchase by the University of Phoenix by the University of Idaho. The senators voted down a version that would've allowed the move to go forward. It is still being determined whether or not the purchase will eventually happen. 

Idaho's Attorney General Raul Labrador has spoken out against the move and has taken the University of Idaho and the Idaho State Board of Education to court in order to make sure the public was properly aware of the cost of the purchase. 

The House of Representatives is looking at a bill that would penalize illegal aliens who are caught living in Idaho. The entire House will vote on whether this bill will make it out of the House and to the Senate. 

Several bills have marked the session, and none have included proposals to eliminate Idaho's grocery tax. Idaho is one of only seven states that taxes its residents who purchase food.

Idaho did pass a law signed by Governor Little that would prohibit Medicaid and state insurance coverage for transgender care. You can read the details of the story here. 

The Senate has yet to pass a transportation budget, so that must be addressed before the session ends. The roadblock is the sale of the old ITD building.

Elected officials are anxious to return to their families and campaign for reelection. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. 

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