The decision by Idaho Governor Brad Little to sign the Vulnerable Child Protection Act into law has drawn considerable reaction. Conservatives have hailed the decision, while liberals denounced it. The new law would prohibit gender transformation surgery and administering hormone blockers to minors.

The ACLU announced they would be suing Idaho over the new bill before it became law in January. Leo Morales, ACLU of Idaho executive director, explained the decision to sue the state in a written statement.

“We are extremely disappointed at the signing of HB 71 into law. This discriminatory law criminalizes safe, effective, and necessary healthcare for Idaho youth. Further, for lawmakers to interfere in decisions that ought to be made by families and their healthcare providers is clear government overreach and is unacceptable. For any individuals directly impacted, we seek partnership as we challenge this law in court. We will sue to stop this harmful and unconstitutional law."


However, a young student politician has made a more prominent headline in his criticism of the governor. Boise High School Senior Shiva Rajbhandari took to Twitter to rip the governor using profanity. Mr. Rajbhandari is also a Boise School District Trustee. You can read his unfortunate comments below.



Mr. Rajbhandari owes the governor a significant apology for his ignorant and irresponsible social media postings. We're all entitled to our opinion, but elected officials have a responsibility and maturity to act in a responsible way.

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