Frigid winter temperatures and a mix of freezing rain and snow have caused our area to be impacted by black ice on all surfaces. Black ice is something that sneaks up on most of us because the roads appear to be dry and safe, but they are not. The good news is that many folks are not working today, but those that have to travel should take extra precautions. 

We've detailed what black ice is and how to handle it here. The forecast says that we'll see freezing rain throughout the rest of the day. It is raining right now in parts of the Treasure Valley. Freezing rain with already slick conditions will make driving and even walking treacherous.

The challenge for experienced and nonexperienced drivers is that the area appears normal, but a thin layer of ice prevents vehicles and people from stopping. I witnessed several cars not being able to stop this morning while out for a morning drive. 

If you can avoid it, it's best to stay home and enjoy your days at home. If you are driving on the roads this evening please be careful. We've witnessed several folks driving excessively this morning and some misguided fools tailgating your humble correspondent.

Please continue to be patient when driving around large vehicles like semi trucks or other emergency vehicles.

Merry Christmas


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