In Idaho, we love our food, and we love our restaurants. The national media has picked up on the Gem State foodie scene as the Food Network has featured several Treasure Valley restaurants during recent episodes. Idaho may have a few people, but some unique restaurants serve mouth-watering dishes.

However, how does one determine the best of the best? We could go to our favorite website and regurgitate one of the many lists that have already been published.

Or we could look at most of the lists, customer feedback, reviews, and other traits that help us determine Idaho's very best.

Great Waiter
YouTube / Viva La Dirt League

What makes a great server? Whether you're a waiter or waitress, you are the face of the front of the house. Some experts believe that folks go to their favorite restaurant because of the service before the food. A good server anticipates problems before they happen.

Handling Complaints
YouTube/ Zhanar Ayapbergenova

Handling criticism is easier said than done when dealing with angry customers. Sometimes, Managers spiff a customer who complains about their meal or the lousy service. When bad things happen, remaining calm is essential for fabulous restaurants.

Critical Reviews
YouTube/ Canto Mando

Everyone wants to be recognized for their work. We all brag about recognition when we do a great job. However, what happens when you get a bad online review? You don't have to be a fan of the FX/Hulu Show 'The Bear' to know that handling bad reviews are part of the food service game.

Avoid using overly emotional or harsh language that may hinder effective communication. Instead, provide feedback politely and respectfully, focusing on specific issues and suggesting potential improvements.

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