There are dozens of beautiful luxury homes on the market in Idaho, but they're not all single family mansions. Some are beautiful condos! 

For those who are looking for a luxury property but don't want to be responsible for the upkeep of the massive acreage its likely located on, condos might be more attractive option. Could this Ketchum condo be the most attractive luxury condo of them all?

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It's been listed over half a dozen times over the last four years and the price keeps growing each time. When it was first listed in December 2018, it was listed for $3,900,000. Today? It's on the market for $6,700,000.

When you buy the condo, you get access to some really cool amenities beyond the condo itself. With those considered and what you see inside this condo, do you think the price tag is worth it?

At $6.7 Million Idaho's Most Expensive Condo Offers Some Absolutely Spectacular Views

As of February 27, this gorgeous condo in Ketchum is the most expensive condo on the market in Idaho. It's absolutely gorgeous, but do you think the asking price is right?

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