IDK has a bone to pick with Popeyes and it’s not over their popular chicken sandwich. The Baltimore rapper recently called out Popeyes for launching their IDK Meal and asked them if they knew that he owns the IDK trademark.

On Tuesday (July 19), someone at Popeyes hopped on their Twitter page to announce the launch of their IDK meal (I Don’t Know meal), which comes with a chicken sandwich—classic or spicy—along with a premium classic lemonade or strawberry lemonade drink for $6. But what the fast-food chain didn’t know is that IDK actually owns the trademark to "IDK" and it’s confusing fans who think that the story-telling rhymer is behind the launch.

Minutes after Popeyes’ tweet, IDK jumped on his Twitter account to inform them they were infringing on his trademark.

“Popeyes, y’all know I own the trademark for IDK?” he tweeted. “Ppl are confused and think I have something to do with this when no one reached out to me. Can we fix this?”

Popeyes has yet to respond to IDK.

XXL has reached out to reps for Popeyes for a comment.

For the record, IDK did trademark "IDK." Last September, the Simple creator revealed on Twitter his documented proof of officially owning "IDK." He also warned that if anyone plans to use IDK that they would have to get permission first.

"After years of hard work, I officially owned the 'idk' trade [mark]. Talk to me before you use this shit," he wrote, along with an image of a document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So, it's understandable why IDK would like to chat with Popeyes about their IDK meal.


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