A few thoughts to share with you as we all prepare for the upcoming long holiday weekend. Idaho is still one of those unique places in the world where old-fashioned family values are not just discussed but practiced regularly. Nampa once again kicked the Independence Day Celebration with the city's fireworks display following the end of the God and Country celebrations.

If you're new to the area and wondering where you can see some of the country's best fireworks shows this weekend, please take a look at this extensive list below.

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It may be hard to remember why we celebrate 'Independence Day' in a country where we have so many freedoms? Most Americans believe monarchies only existed in fairy tales and not real-life rulers who denied their subjects basic human rights. America was a dream of our founding fathers, who risked their lives, families, and fortunes to create the great nation that we live in today.

Loving America

Parades, fireworks, sales, and other activities will take place between now and July 5th. However, what is the perfect, most patriotic way to truly honor those patriots who fought the British not once but twice?
Perhaps in the age of Woke America, a simple history lesson reminding the kids of the courage of Paul Revere, George Washington, or Alexander Hamilton? Another way to honor our American heritage is by explaining to others the symbols of the stars and stripes in our country's flag? How many adults actually know what they symbolize?

A trip to the Idaho State Veteran's Cemetery is another way to honor our American heroes. Remember, as the folks on Coney Island are battling to see who can eat the most hotdogs, our service members are away from their homes, protecting us against enemies who would take away our freedoms.

Please enjoy our Independence Day safely and responsibly.

God Bless America

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