It's something that many people will consider trying but never actually do. It's something that for many, could be far too scary to try or viewed as too "weak" to "stoop" to.

It's "therapy"--"counseling", "getting a shrink", or whatever you may call it. Speaking from experience, therapy for me has been the single best decision I have ever made in my adult life. It's scary--somedays it is terrifying, and there have even been a few days where I have left the office feeling more "beat up" than when I went in. This, of course, speaks to the pain and realization that growth isn't always easy or fun and games.

The answer I hear most often when someone explains why they haven't tried therapy is because they can't afford it. Mental health shouldn't be expensive and if you have health insurance, I'd encourage you to reach out and find ways to make this service affordable. A campaign launched by Ariana Grande is hoping to help you get your foot in the door.

When most celebrities team up with a brand to do some giveaways, you're often winning money, cars, purses, or materialistic things. Ariana Grande is taking things a step further.

Better Help, an online portal that helps individuals find psychotherapy or counseling services near them and best suited for them, has teamed up with Ariana to giveaway "$1 Million in therapy".

What does that mean for interested Idahoans, whether they're Ariana Grande fans or not? Well--it means a month of free therapy with Better Help matching a counselor to you after you answer some customized questions.

I'm always looking for an opportunity to help someone find their "inlet" to better--it's a pretty crazy journey.

If you're interested in just trying things out to see if this is a journey you're ready to embark on, click HERE.

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