It's hot outside but regardless of this heat this time of year brings about parades of all sizes and crowds across the Treasure Valley and the greater State of Idaho. Whether it is for the Fourth of July or the simply celebration of a city--parades are the thing this time of year and who doesn't love that!?

While it seems parades are normally "for the kids"--with bright colors, characters, and candy to be given out--one parade in our state had what many believe was a not-so-family friendly float.  Should floats like this be controlled? It happened in Buhl, Idaho during their annual "Sagebrush Days" celebration.

The photos are a little eerie, seeing a float of "men" being associated with the Proud Boys and in the background, young kids--some dawning uniforms from their school's sports teams.

Nationwide, the Proud Boys are known for stirring up trouble and according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they're a designated hate group.

If Idaho is too great for hate--what's going on here?

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