It is National Lottery Day, which is a day for everyone to try their luck and have some fun. According to National Today, The concept of the ‘lottery’ has been around since ancient times and became mainstream in the late 15th century in Europe.  In the 1760s George Washington hosted a lottery to finance the building of the Mountain Road in Virginia. Other leaders learned and continued the practice eventually evolving into what the lottery is today.

According to CBS2, The Idaho Lottery is celebrating its largest return yet from the Lottery with a whopping $72.5 million coming to the state. With a lot of those funds going to help schools and education around the state. Governor Brad Little said, “In 32 years, the Idaho Lottery has created over $4.6 billion in economic opportunity for Idaho’s small businesses and corner stores from Bonner’s Ferry to Montpelier. With this year’s dividend, the Idaho Lottery has now returned more than $1 billion to the People of Idaho.”

The biggest jackpot in Lottery History was in January of 2016. The Powerball was at an impressive $1.586 billion. Three winners from around the U.S. split the winnings. Some other interesting stats from National Today, is that  85% of winners choose to remain anonymous. The real odds of winning the lottery jackpot are 350 billion to one.  After winning at least a million or more the average winner buys between 4 and 5 cars. Only about half of winners who win over a million dollars actually quit their jobs.

Lets take a look at some Idaho Lottery Winners from over the years. Scroll to see.

Who Has Won $1 Million or More in Idaho Lottery's History

We have had some big winners here in the gem state! Here are some Million Dollar winners since 2008 that did not choose to remain anonyms and had photos available.

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