Idaho was once called the state that most accurately reflected how America used to be. In other words, the dangers of the bigger cities didn't seem to happen in our state. The state did have its incidents of violent crimes, but it was infrequent that we would have a multitude of police officer-involved shootings.

In the days of Idaho, police officers did not have to brandish their weapons appear to be over. Our city, state, and area have become more dangerous for law enforcement and the rest of us. The Treasure Valley has seemed to resemble parts of California rather than Idaho in the past two weeks.

Wednesday, Ada County Sheriffs reported a man was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Ada County's second-smallest city of Star. The incident happened outside the iconic Star Merch. Police are continuing their investigation at this time.

Meridian Police updated the road rage/carjacking incident that happened recently. Police from Garden City, Boise, and Meridian had to coordinate the capture of Jake Cottrell, and he is charged with the seven felonies, including the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime. Mr. Cottrell exchanged gunfire with police from the departments listed above.

Coeur d'Alene Police Department revealed that their lives had been threatened by the group known as the Patriot Front. Officers arrested 31 members of the organization, charging them with attempting to start a riot.

Thankfully our state and cities understand the importance of supporting law enforcement. Unlike the big liberal cities, the defund the police movement never caught on in Idaho. We must do our best to help our local law enforcement officers as the streets in our cities have become more dangerous. I'd suggest a simple thank you or buy them a cup of coffee if they happen to be taking a break while you're enjoying lunch or dinner.

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