The Idaho Humane Society has rescued 28 dogs thanks to a request from the Elmore County Sheriff's Office. Your donations fund the IHS, and rescues like this prove that your money is well spent.

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Humane Society

Teams of doctors, assistants, and others liberated these precious animals that were living in horrific conditions.  You can read the details from the press release below.

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Humane Society

At the request of the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department, the Idaho Humane Society assisted with the seizure of 28 dogs who were kept in deplorable conditions at 13703 W Tilli Road, Oasis, Idaho, residence of Virginia Diane John Cobb in Oasis, Idaho, owned by her son Randy Anderson. Elmore County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant at the property at approximately 11:15 a.m on June 23, 2021.

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Humane Society


A rescue team of veterinarians and staff from the Idaho Humane Society were on scene to evaluate the conditions of the animals and premises. Idaho Humane Society provided immediate care and has transported 27 dogs and one cat from the premises to the veterinary hospital and shelter in Boise. The resident of the property and owner of the Yorkshire Terriers, Dianne Cobb, breeds and sells dogs through a website and social media, Diane’s Yorkies of Oasis.

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Humane Society


"The dogs were heavily matted and had feces and cheatgrass embedded into their mats and skin. This case is especially disturbing because this unsanitary facility has been actively engaged in actively selling these animals to the public," said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, veterinarian and CEO of the Idaho Humane Society. He continued, “We commend the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department for their handling of the case as well as members of the public that have spoken out about the condition of this property and the animals.”


Photo Courtesy Idaho Humane Society

The Idaho Humane Society is providing veterinary care and supplies for the animals currently sheltered at the facility pending further action from law enforcement and the Elmore County Prosecutors Office in Mountain Home.


Photo Courtesy of Idaho Humane Society

Under current federal law, the type of breeding operation carried on at this property is exempt from USDA licensing and regulation. "Since there are no regulations for animal welfare standards or requirements for periodic inspection, disreputable breeders can get away with neglecting the dogs they raise for profit," stated Rosenthal. Elmore County requires kennel licensing, but Cobb is alleged to have maintained the kennel without obtaining a license.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Home Society

How can you help these and other animals?  The Idaho Society welcomes and needs your donations.  You can click the link here to make a difference.  Every donation saves lives.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Humane Society

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