Idaho basketball fans thought it couldn't get any worse than last years 5-27 record.

Well, depending on how you see the glass, maybe the news head coach Don Verlin has been placed on paid administrative leave is more a sign of the glass being half full than empty.

Yes, Verlin in his 11 years has won 177 games, more than any other Idaho basketball coach but he has also lost 176. Verlin has been on thin ice and  the news he may have violated three NCAA bylaws is like a blow torch to his tenure.

Quite frankly, Verlin's job may have been extended following last years 5-27 record only because Idaho was lacking a permanent athletic director and a University President.

Pete Isakson is the current interim AD while Scott Green will take over as President July 1.

Mike Walsh of the Idaho sports information department when asked about Verlin's 10-day paid administrative leave said "The situation is fluid, the leave could be extended, it could be shortened or Verlin could be fired." Walsh added all options are on the table.

Given the lack of permanent leadership within the athletic department and the fact a new University President isn't slated to be on board for another month leaves a void in which Verlin may have to wallow for the foreseeable  future.






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