All we hear is about the current housing market boom that's taking place. I was sitting in a meeting with Real Estate Broker who mentioned this could last another five years. Whoa.

People are selling homes with no place to live. Homes continue to increase in value and that is trickling down to rental properties. How much is too much?

How Much is Too Much for Rent in Boise

There is no doubt that supply and demand are killing Idahoans right now. You could pay $670 for a simple one-bedroom 10 years ago off Parkcenter in Boise. That's a good location. That same apartment is about $1000 today. That's just a little one-room spot with a washer and dryer. That's just rent.

The average apartment in Boise is around $1,396 for 882 sq. ft. Correct me if I'm wrong but how does a single mother pay for rent? Mom will take home around $2,080 if she's a cashier at the grocery store. Rent is $1,396 and that's $2,080 is before taxes are subtracted. You do the math and don't say she needs to find a cheaper place. Let Idahoans explain why that doesn't work either.



The post was on Facebook, "What is too much for rent?" Idahoans posted up from Caldwell to Boise with serious complaints. There seems to be no end in sight regarding rent increases and that's a problem for most families. Some even calling attention that Idaho is morphing into California.


The troubling thing is when I mentioned this to a co-worker and he laughed, "I was looking at places last month and you can find 2 bedroom apartments for $6,000 per month." That is $72,000 per year in Boise, Idaho. I can't imagine.


I think it's time to find out what you get for a $6,000 apartment. I'm on it. In the meantime, don't rule out living in Mountain Home and making the commute. Just saying.

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