The campaign is finally over. Is it me, or was this the primary campaign that followed us everywhere? Remember the old days when campaigns aired on tv, radio, and newspaper advertisements?

If you didn't want to be blasted by campaign commercials, you could escape by watching reruns of Lassie or Happy Days. Those happy days away from the endless political solicitations are over for all of us.

Most of us use a computer for either business or pleasure. Who hasn't noticed pop-up ads that seem to follow us everywhere? It doesn't matter if you want to watch a rerun of Laverne and Shirley on Youtube; first, you must find out why Bryan Smith is a good guy before he becomes the worst person ever. And how many times have do we need to know that Phil McGrane is a barbecue pitmaster? Does the ability to smoke meat thoroughly equate to being a competent secretary of state?

At least we have or have the privacy of our phones? Oh no, the impersonal politicians have somehow found out our phone numbers. Are you beginning to miss robocalls? At least we had a choice not to answer their calls. How many texts have you received letting you know who is a real conservative, working for you, or wanting your vote? I don't care if President Trump liked you. He's not getting endless texts from your campaigns. How many times can we text STOP hoping to end the insistent harassment?

Perhaps we should only vote for the politicians who respect our privacy and punish those that invade it?  How about we pass a law against unsolicited texts from our politicians.

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