After Boise State lost 42-23 to Virginia to go 2-2 on the year Bronco coach Bryan Harsin said "there are going to be changes".

He didn't say what those changes would be but since Boise State rushed for what Harsin called an unacceptable 30 yards against the Cavaliers one might think the offense was in line for a makeover.

Don't forget about the defense, they gave up 42 points on the blue. In fact, Harsin didn't leave out specials teams as he said BSU needed to improve in all three phases of the game.

That was more than a week ago and during the bye week coach Harsin re-thought his comments and as he met with the media this week coach Harsin admitted there won't be a lot massive changes, rather just some tweaks.

Tweaks, what does that mean? Well, Harsin pointed out there were nine passes dropped in the Virginia game. Many of those passes if caught would have moved the chains and extended drives. So tweak #1 would be...catch the ball!

Harsin said the quarterback gets too much credit and too much blame. It takes all 11 on offense to make things click.

That's exactly what the Broncos worked on during the bye week, themselves and working as a team, competing as a team. The names, faces and personnel will most likely be the same when BSU plays at BYU Friday it's the attitude and commitment to finishing that has been tweaked.

Look at it this way, the Broncos beat Troy to start the season and last week Troy beat LSU of the SEC. BSU led Washington State 31-10 in Pullman with 6 minutes to play before losing in overtime. The Cougars are now ranked #11. Obviously Boise State has the talent to compete.

Maybe the biggest tweak needs to come from the coaches. Predictable is the best way to describe the Boise State offense. If I know what's coming, so does the defense. In watching Washington play the other day I said, now that's the Boise State offensive I'm used too.

BSU has won just once in Provo, they're favored by a touchdown this week but that will depend on the tweaks.


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