Unless you really love spelling, you may not know much about spelling bee events, but it seems like everyone on the internet can remember the 2014 Spelling Bee. The internet sensation, Jacob, was tasked with spelling the word "Kabaragoya" and after being tasked with the word, exclaimed how excited he was because he knew how to spell it.

Plot twist: he didn't know how to spell it and it was painful to watch him get it wrong.

You can see the highlight, below: 

What does this have to do with Idaho? 

Well, apparently we struggle with spelling here in Idaho, too. Then again, who doesn't?

Google Trends, a branch of the famous Google brand likes to post "trends" from time to time that reflect the country-- what are people searching for online and what is popular right now?

In their most recent release, they put together a map of the United States to display which states misspell which words, most often.

Idaho's was only five letters and we're kind of shocked.

The word is: Tokyo.

You can see Google's full map of most popular misspelled words in America, below: 



We are especially shocked at West Virginia who struggles to spell the word "West Virginia". Also shocking is Utah because we can't even say the name, let alone spell it-- maybe they're advanced down there!

Spelling can be tough-- but what about pronunciation? 

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