What's the measure of a champion? Is it being the favored and winning? Is it overcoming immeasurable odds? How about overcoming injuries? The path to last year's title and this year has been smooth sailing for the Warrior until losing last night to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
The Warriors played without Draymond Green, and Andrew Bogart went down with a possible season-ending knee injury. Instead of overcoming the injuries and winning, Golden State showed how far they have to go to become a real champion.
The Warriors have the most talent, the best bench, and a great coach. Let's not forget the NBA's best record in the regular season. They shouldn't have any problem with any team in the league. The series with Cleveland has exposed Golden State as a bunch of spoiled, entitled children and not the world beaters that they want to be.
Most Warrior fans believe that suspending Draymond Green for game five was the wrong move. The criticism is not limited to just fans. Steph Curry's wife took to Twitter to criticize Lebron James. (Is this necessary? I didn't know that Mrs. Curry was a member of the team?)

Not to be outdone, Klay Thompson's dad, Michael, who played for the Lakers, took shots at Lebron James. ( I believe dad should let his son do the talking on the court.)
The Warriors individually took shots at Lebron and forgot about the game. They believed that all they had to do was show up, and they'd notch another victory at Oracle. They would be wrong. NBA Coach of the year, Steve Kerr, was reduced to the 'hack a Tristen Thompson' act to keep the NBA's best in the game. (Coach Kerr, if you're team is the best, please act like it and don't resort to bush league tactics to create offense.)
The 2016 Warriors should look at last year's Cavaliers as a model of how to behave. Half the team was injured, but they didn't whine to the media, have their wife mean tweet, or have their daddy stick up for them.

The Cavs lost but gave no quarter.
If the Warriors are to repeat, like all champions they must earn it and to that, they must first act like one.

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