Just watched Amazon's Jeff Bezos take flight into outer space, good for him. It was just a week ago that we witnessed Richard Branson and his team from Virgin Galactic that reached the outer limits first.

The most important is everyone made it back safe, I mean to Earth. The real question is how do you train for a 10-minute mission to the edge of space? You do what Jeff did, visit Sun Valley.

Idaho Space Camp at Sun Valley with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and More

This might have been a routine retreat or the special Idaho event dubbed, "Summer Camp for Billionaires." Amazon's founder and executive chairman, Jeff Bezos joined a list of other very wealthy elites at Sun Valley's annual event. Bezos was preparing for Blue Origin's big launch into space and used Sun Valley as his preflight destination.

Sun Valley is home to the world's first chairlift and history of the celebrity lifestyle. It's honestly the place where the cool adults go and a spot for America's top Nordic Skiers to train for the Olympics. Plus, if you ever got lost or in trouble with I don't know, the Joker, call Batman. This is where the original Dark Knight, Adam West lived before passing away in Summer 2017.

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I was watching the big flight this morning and remembered Jeff's visit to Idaho recently. I looked around and it was Sunny Valley. This seems to be a place where celebrities go and get to play worry-free of paparazzi.

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Look who else you might have seen around Idaho that joined the Amazon billionaire before take-off.

  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
  • Robert Kraft (New England Patriots)
  • Tim Cook (Apple)
  • Ted Sarandos (Netflix)
  • Roger Goodell (NFL)

The other celebrities not mentioned and the media's A-listers made up of 90 private planes that came into Idaho during the conference.

You can get mad about all the movement into Idaho, but these are the world's wealthiest in our little Idaho. This is going to be a place of growth for a long time. Spoiler alert: Celebrities have been visiting for a long time. This isn't new and won't be the last time.

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People are having fun on Twitter regarding Jeff Bezos being ripped before his big flight to space. Well, that was back in 2017 but it's still funny because it was in Idaho.

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