Here’s a totally different kind of March Madness.

During Thursday night’s UC-Santa Barbara-Hawaii basketball game, a fan ran onto the court and confronted Hawaii coach Gib Arnold after Arnold received a technical foul. Players quickly came to Arnold's defense by pushing the man away.

The suspect, believed to be a UC-Santa Barbara student, was arrested.

It's the latest ugly incident between fans and teams to mar the college basketball season. There was the brawl at the end of the Utah Valley-New Mexico State game and Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart earned a three-game suspension after he shoved a fan during a game against Texas Tech.

Arnold isn't worried this incident will lead to more episodes. "It doesn't concern me,'' the fourth-year coach said. "It's rare. I hope security would be better. The guy was wasted and in a different world. It is what it is. You can't control crazies. That's why they're crazy."