There are few names larger in the City of Boise than "Aaron Paul".  The legendary writer and actor who was born and raised right here in our backyard is one of the greatest talents to ever come out of the Treasure Valley.  An argument could also be made that his show, 'Breaking Bad', is one of the most beloved and highly regarded television series' in decades.

In short: Aaron Paul is a pretty big deal.

With Breaking Bad now wrapped up, fans are constantly wondering what's next for Aaron Paul and company--a few years ago, we were introduced to "Dos Hombres".

Dos Hombres is a brand of Mezcal that Aaron Paul and fellow Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston created together once filming of the show was complete. Lately, the two have been on the road touring their Mezcal around the United States-- meeting liquor collectors and Breaking Bad fans alike.

Now, the official Dos Hombres mezcal bar trailer is going to be pulling up in downtown Boise & an entire BLOCK PARTY is being thrown.

Below you can see Bryan Cranston actually showed up to a Dos Hombres tasting at a Total Wine in New Mexico 

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

The event will be taking place on Saturday, September 3rd starting at 10:00 a.m.

Could this be a homecoming for Aaron Paul?

Mezcal and slushes will be served out of the OFFICIAL Dos Hombres mobile bar and there will even be specialty mezcal-braised tacos, limited edition merch, and more.

Dos Hombres has partnered up with Western Proper, located in downtown Boise on Idaho Street--and it is in the parking lot next door to Western Proper that the event will be taking place.

It is FREE to attend but expect it to be busy, so RSVP accordingly.

Rumors are already swirling in Boise that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will be making an appearance.

Let's not forget that Aaron Paul recently put his first Boise home on the market not long ago--maybe he's here for closing?

Inside of Aaron Paul's Million Dollar Boise Home

You know him best as Jesse Pinkman from the hit series "Breaking Bad" and in Boise, you know he's one of the biggest stars to ever call our city home. Now, the first home that he purchased in Boise, Idaho is on the market and up for sale. By far, this mid-century home is one of the sexiest builds we have ever seen--with access to the pool from nearly every room in the home.

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