Don Shula, the NFL's all time winningest head coach died Monday at the age of 90.  Shula was best known as the only coach to coach an NFL team to an undefeated season along with a Super Bowl Championship in 1972. Coach Shula won an NFL record 324 victories.  That record is still owned by Shula today. The coach had the benefit of coaching three hall of fame quarterbacks reports CBS News. Shula began his career in 1963 as the NFL's youngest head coach at 33.  He retired as coach of the Dolphins in 1995.

Shula carried the mantel of NFL coaching legends after George Halas left the coaching ranks.  Halas was the legendary coach of the Chicago Bears.  Shula's era preceded Super Bowl winners Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, and Bill Belicheck.

Belicheck has the closest chance to catch Shula in total career wins.  According to published reports, Belicheck will have to average 11 wins a season over the next five years to catch Shula.

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