I just wrote an article that might have you packing up for a trip through Eastern Idaho to visit Pickle's Place. Yes, we have a pickle themed restaurant right here in Idaho. Watch out, Mr. Potato Head.

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and maybe pickles aren't your thing. This one is for couples and my Galentine's followers. Let's find a place for the kids and drive out to Twin Falls for dinner and drinks over the Snake River. Welcome to Elevation 486.

This is one of those places you might not be aware of unless you've been invited. I attended a wedding that snaked down the canyon to a secluded area. I felt like I was like it was a party in the Hamptons (I've never been but it just sounds good). Elevation 486 sits on the south rim of The Canyon. You can sit on the balcony enjoying drinks looking over the Snake River.

This spot gives you little pieces of Idaho at every glance. The food though, whoa. I was surprised by my best friend who picked me up and took me there before the wedding. I walked up with 15 of the closest people I know as had drinks and celebrated. You kind of feel like your in some big city while mingling with Idahoans to look out on the deck to realize you're in Idaho.

People just accidentally come across our restaurant when stopping through for gas in the middle of traveling. Elevation 486 is a traditional American with a modern upscale twist. The prime rib is a favorite and we have a 6-page cocktail menu all handcrafted by the bar manager as well.

This is a great drive to get away with your significant other or some of your girlfriends. They have been closed on Sundays during COVID-19 and will open for the first Sunday on Valentine's Day, February 14. All of the women will receive roses that night. Check the specials because they have some great Valentine's deals.

Enjoy a piece of Idaho with a modern twist.

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