For the first time in many years, former Bronco Football Coach Chris Petersen will not be on the sidelines coaching players to gridiron greatness.  Petersen decided to retire after guiding Washington Huskies to an 8-5 season.   There have been sightings of Coach Pete in Boise. He's rumored to visit the Treasure Valley often while contemplating his next move in life.

That move appears to be involved in molding young business leaders.  The Seattle Times reports that he's been appointed to The Fritzky Chair in Leadership at UW's Foster School of Business.  He shares his thoughts,  “I’m excited to get on campus and get to know some of those awesome professors that I didn’t really get a chance to connect with when you’re in your football bubble.”   The buck stops with Petersen.  He tells the paper that last year's season was his fault.  When's the last time you heard a coach accept the entire blame for a team underachieving?  That's classic, Coach Pete. The chair is only for a year, but don't be surprised if Chris Petersen's influence is only beginning.

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