It's not often I schedule my weekend around a Steeplechase but that's exactly what happened this past weekend.

Since last Thursday when Allie Ostrander of Boise State officially qualified for the NCAA Steeplechase finals on Saturday I was telling everyone I had to be in front of a TV set at 4:54 MDT Saturday.

If you're new in town, Allie Ostrander is the diminutive junior distance runner for Boise State by way of Alaska.

Two years ago she shocked everyone by winning the NCAA 3,000 Meter Steeplchase Championship as a freshman. First of all, at 5-1 and barely 100lbs, Ostrander can get lost in the crowd without even trying. Secondly, she had just taken up the Steeplchase as her new favorite event.

Ostrander won the title again last year and was the favorite going into Saturdays final which she won with a personal best time to become the first and only Boise State athlete to win three national championship.

It was must see TV for me because Allie is, well just Allie. All she does is her thing, no hype no dancing no prancing, just a start to finish focus that is purely Ostrander.

After winning her preliminary heat Thursday, Ostrander offered other competitors the water she was handed by an official. Clearly she didn't need it but others were lying on the track in need of attention and Ostrander was there to fit the bill.

Saturday as she crossed the finish line Ostrander raised three fingers to indicate a feat she later said was all hers, something no one could take away.

Then ESPN asked Ostrander how she felt and her answer was one of the best ever by a Boise State athlete. Having just finished a 3,000 meter run in 98 degree heat, Ostrander told the ESPN reporter, "I feel really hot but not in the attractive way".

Ostrander later ran in the 5,000 meter final on Saturday and faded and who can blame her. The Steeplechase had taken it's toll on Allie who by the way, had the second best time in  the nation this year at 5,000 meters.

Ostrander also passed on competing in the 10,000 meter final because it was pretty much back to back with the preliminary heats for the Steeplechase last Thursday.

That's important because Ostrander had the best time in the nation this year at 10,000 meters.

Now Ostrander can prepare for next year where as a senior she'll try and make it a complete four year Steeplechase sweep. I guarantee you right now, I'll be making sure my weekend schedule includes a 9 minute window to watch this pretty amazing Bronco athlete get it done!

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