Influences can dictate someone's trajectory and the company one keeps can change everything. Back in New York City years ago, the Bronx-born future rapper CEO Trayle was just a 12-year-old kid who hung out with adults nearly double his age as they hit the studio. The crew—who had members that rapped, produced and engineered—let the little kid hop on the mic, creating a hunger within him that would change his life. Now 27, and continuing to shine since his 2020 song, "OK Cool," has earned over 30 million combined streams on Spotify, CEO Trayle has only continued to grow while changing his style at a moment's notice.

CEO Trayle's chance moment in the studio at the age of 12 made him fall in love with his own voice. From there, his on again-off again relationship with music began followed him from New York City to Alabama to Atlanta, where he settled around the age of 15. What has set Trayle apart so far is his raspy, almost region-less drawl, along with how clever his wordplay is. Funny enough, Trayle's biggest song, "OK Cool," is one of his most straightforward ones, on which he rhymes about a woman leaving him, veering between dismissive anger, plus honest sadness and disappointment. It took off through a mix of its unique subject matter and approach, TikTok and the fact that nothing else sounds like it.

As an artist who has always released a lot of tracks and projects (starting with 200,000 in 2017), the success of "OK Cool" got him on the radar of some big-time rappers, most specifically Young Thug, Gunna and the rest of the YSL camp, who embraced him. Thug even asked Trayle to sign to YSL in 2021. Aside from music, Trayle dressed up as a character from the heist film Dead Presidents with Gunna last Halloween. He even locked in a verse from Gunna for the "OK Cool (Remix)." However, their relationship is much more than proposed deals and parties. Trayle credits YSL with building his confidence as an artist. Their lessons showed him that he does belong in rap and can take it as far as he wishes. Things only solidified further when Trayle signed to 10K Projects, the label popularized by Trippie Redd, just last month. He released his project, The Collection, at the same time, proof that he was still hard at work and not easing off the gas because of his new agreement.

Now with new music lined up and a surging career, CEO Trayle joins XXL for the latest episode of The Break to take a trip through his past and up to his promising present.

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"OK Cool"

"The Thanks I Get"


"Percocet Pain" featuring Babyface Ray

The Collection

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