The numbers are going up again and that is undeniable--COVID-19 is having a second wave in the Treasure Valley and really, across the nation. Here in Boise, health clinics and even stats from our waste water are showing the factual increase in positive cases.

Many don't expect any new mandates or measures to be taken across Ada County due to controversial figures on the Board of Health for CDH like a "radical" Ryan Davidson and controversial pathologist Ryan Cole--that does not mean, however, that the CDH won't offer some warnings.

In an interview with a Boise television station, Heidi Hopkins, communicable disease control program manager commented:

We encourage the use of at-home testing to screen yourself before you participate in community activities and gatherings. We would also remind people that the COVID-19 vaccine is now available for anyone 6 months and older, and community members are encouraged to seek testing and early treatment if they present with COVID symptoms.


Here's a sample of what folks in Boise are saying about COVID right now: 




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