Cam Newton continues to defend his sulking act after Super Bowl 50.  The NFL MVP is a gifted athlete who doesn't understand the importance of losing in sports.  He could learn a great deal from Russel of the Seattle Seahawks.    The 'NFL's self-proclaimed Superman addressed the media Tuesday Afternoon in Charlotte. Instead of deftly putting the critics to rest from his post game loss, Cam doubled down channeling either Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton.  Take your pick!  Carolina's #1 questioned the ability of anyone who criticized his sulking.  Perhaps Cam should take the advice of Kenny Rogers, "know when to fold them."  

As America's sports nation passes judgement on Newton, I cannot help but think of what a class act Russel Wilson was after last year's heartbreaking loss to the Patriots.  Wilson was unNewton like by accepting responsibility and moving on.  The nation marveled at his class act and quickly forgot about the bad play.  (Pete Carrol took the rap for the bad call at the line of scrimmage.)

Wilson continues to be a role model for children to admire.  Perhaps, Newton should look West and follow Wilson's example.