Once again the Boise State Broncos hit the road for a post season basketball game. BSU was a 10 point underdog at Utah and won, now they're an 8 point dog at Illinois.

The second round NIT game will start at 7 p.m. and be televised on ESPN. The Bronco's and Fighting Illini have met just once before with Illinois wining a close game.

For Boise State the NIT is much like spring practice is to football, a chance to check out the future. Against Utah it was a freshman off the bench to the rescue in Marcus Dickinson. At one point in the game against the Utes, Boise State head coach Leon Rice looked out on the court and saw he was playing three freshman, a sophomore and a junior. Tonight's  game is in Champaign where Illinois is 13-5 but the setting doesn't seem to bother this Bronco squad.

The reason might just be because they are too young to know any better. BSU is 20-11 and Illinois 19-14 and the winner will most likely play the NIT top seed Illinois State (Illinois St vs.UCF tonight) in the NIT third round. That game would be played in Normal, Illinois about sixty miles north of Champaign.


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