Where were you when Boise State completed it's unlikely comeback to top Colorado State 59-52 in overtime?

If you said sleeping you are in good company. Thousands of Boise State faithful went to bed Saturday night expecting to learn Sunday morning just how bad Boise State lost to Colorado State. Instead Bronco Fans received a wake up call like no other, Boise State had won in overtime after scoring 14 points in the last 1:41 of the game.

Shaking off the element of shock fans then hit social media to see just how the Broncos could have possibly won a game they trailed by 25 points.

Many BSU fans on social media were apologizing for losing faith and going to bed but lets be real. The 8:40 p.m. kickoff in Ft. Collins, the Colorado State 28-3 lead before you could say Rams was a TV nightmare too scary to watch. After waiting with anticipation all day, no none expected this type of game.

One of my face book friends said she actually fell asleep waiting for the kickoff and missed everything!

Late night kickoffs have to be as tough on the players as the fans and for what, some TV exposure and extra cash? If BSU fans were hitting the off button at midnight what about non Bronco Fans on the east coast at 2 a.m. or in the Midwest at 1 a.m.

In fact, the real fireworks didn't shoot off until closer to 3 a.m. eastern time. The game ended at 12:55 A.M mountain time!

Even if you stayed all the way to late in the fourth quarter you probably gave up the ghost with 2:58 to play when the Rams scored to take a 52-28 lead over Boise State.

BSU had made it interesting closing the gap to 35-31 and then 42-38 but Colorado State would never go away and with less than three minutes to play who would've seen what was about to unfold.

BSU drove the ball 75 yards in nine plays with Brett Rypien connecting with Sean Modster on a 14 yard TD pass to make it 52-45 with 1:41 to play.

Onside kicks rarely work right? Well BSU pulled off a dandy and with one big bounce of the ball and superman leap by Cedric Wilson the broncos recovered the onside kick.

Boise State went 45 yards in 5 plays with Rypien hitting Jake Roh for a TD and the game was tied 52-52 with :43 seconds to play.

Alexander Mattison, who rushed for 242 yards scored in overtime to make it 59-52 and when a Colorado State fumble was recovered by Boise State the agony was Colorado States, not the Broncos.

Now an even more difficult task awaits BSU as they try and focus on Air Force this Saturday and like most BSU fans did last Saturday, put the Colorado State game to bed.

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