Ho, Ho, Ho: Happy Halloween! Yes, the full blown conflict of everything holiday is upon us and who even really understands WHAT is going on this time of year? We have an exclusive look at WHAT items to expect on sale from Walmart and WHEN to expect them!


Through the entire month of November, Walmart plans to offer three separate events that will all be built out with massive BLACK FRIDAY DEALS in mind. This is being dubbed as "Black Friday Deals for Days"-- we're here for it.

All of these deals will, initially, be on Walmart.com but then move into the stores for a few days after their launch. If you're a subscriber to "Walmart+" , you will have access to these deals four-hours before the general public--talk about access.

Interested in what is going to be on sale? The WHAT, WHEN, AND WHERE of it all? Check it out, BELOW: 

Walmart's Deals For Days: Day 1

With the first wave of "Black Friday" deals, you can expect these items to be on sale! Walmart plans to roll these out on November 3rd

Walmart's Deals For Days: Day 2

Day 2 of "Deals for Days" is going to include a different group of items on sale! The projected launch date for this is November 10th!

Walmarts Deals For Days: Day 3

Finally, the best for last. Right? Deals for Days will have a third wave of mystery deals, yet to be announced by Walmart.

If you're more of a Christmas person, we do know that SOME things are still on while OTHER things are totally called off. Yes, we've got a guide for that: 

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While there will certainly be more places to get your fill of Christmas Cheer in and around Boise in 2021 than last year, some event organizers don't yet feel safe having in-person events. Here's a status update on what we know is on, off or virtual.

It doesn't matter if you're hoping for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or none of the above--Black Friday deals can impact EVERYONE and Walmart is preparing to hold THREE events we are all excited for! 

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