It must be really nice to make a watch list, sports that is not FBI. Except for the "watch out when dad comes home list", I've never been on a watch list. Right now football watch list's are popping up all over the place including the Doak Walker Watch list to pick the best college football running back in all the land. The Doak Walker list starts with 62 backs, I guess because there's nothing more embarrassing to a watch list than if when a winner is named, they weren't on the watch list to begin with! I guess that's why the 2018 Doak Walker list includes four running backs from the Mountain West alone! The list includes Boise State running back Alexander Mattison plus 61 others. Take a look:  


Bottom line is it's better to be on a watch list than not but for me, I'd like to be that running back not being watched but at the end of the year impossible to overlook!

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