Remember that Boise State Professor that went viral for his anti-feminist speech?


What Professor Scott Yenor said that shook the nation:

His words that “efforts should not be made to recruit women to fields like engineering, but rather “recruit and demand more of men who become engineers. Ditto for med school, and the law and every trade” as a professor sent shockwaves through the Boise community. And the nation.


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He also tweeted this:  

Soon after, Ally Orr (a student at Boise State University) started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a scholarship to be awarded to women in STEM, Med, and Law at Boise State. 


The original goal for this scholarship was $10,000. It now sits at over $70,000. The overwhelming support from the Boise community for women in education has been astounding. 


Here are some of the comments left from those who donated:


Donors for Boise State Scholarship Comments

She made this Instagram post with all the names of the donors as well:


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A post shared by Ally Orr (@ally.6.8)

Since then, Ally Orr and this scholarship have continued to gain momentum, and this week Ally was interviewed by Good Morning America.

Boise State Student Featured on Good Morning America… [Video]

You can see the video of her appearance here:


This will continue to serve the women who attend Boise State University as an endowed scholarship at BSU.


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