There are few moments in college football history that it's fair to say ALL fans should know. Believe it or not--Boise State is a part of some of those memorable moments. Sure, that 2007 Fiesta Bowl will ALWAYS be one of the greatest football games ever played--and that is indisputable.

What about that fall September of 2009 evening in Boise, Idaho--though? No, a crazy trick play didn't win a team a major bowl game. A confrontation went down, however, with one of the biggest names in college football at the time.

We're talking about LeGarrette Blount and the prolific punch he threw at Boise State's Byron Hout following the Bronco's win at home.

Need a refresher? 

3-Time Super Bowl Champion's Famous Punch at Bronco Stadium

It's no secret that LeGarrette Blount is an all-time great running back. With a legendary career at the University of Oregon and a storied time in the NFL, football fans know how good of a player this guy is.
As can happen with any of us, one split second of frustration got the best of Blount during his college career and that just happened to be in Boise, Idaho on the blue turf. After a tough loss to Boise State on The Blue--Blount had about zero tolerance for the Broncos.
See a recap of this heated moment, below:

Just today, after all these years, Blount decided to share the story behind that punch. For the first time ever--he offered insight into that night. 

In a recent interview, Blount explains how much hype was behind that game. After losing to Boise State at home the year prior, seeing their Quarterback get knocked out with no flag thrown against Boise State, and the competitive nature at hand--Blount says he recalls telling Sports Illustrated that Boise was in need of "an ass whoopin".

According to Blount, after losing, Hout was egging him on-- "how about that ass whoopin", Haut was allegedly yelling. Blount recounts that he could not say anything back--they lost--until Hout used the "N-Word".  Then, it was about more than football according to Blount--

I turned around and I punched him

Blount continues to explain that Coach Pete heard the slur and reacted as well, telling Hout to get it together--Blout, however, had already thrown the punch. By this time, he had been yelled at and spit at by fans--tension was only rising. Blount mentions that nobody was talking about the fact that a fan slapped him, too.

You can watch the interview for yourself, below:

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