Boise State alum, Jordin Andrade is hours away from running his first race at the Tokyo games. He's got his sights set on becoming the first Cape Verde athlete to make it to an Olympic final.

Andrade, who holds the school record in the 400 meter hurdles, will run in the first round of the event this evening. According to the start list, he'll be in Heat 4 which is scheduled to begin at 8:49 MDT.

NBC will mix Track & Field into tonight's primetime coverage along with coverage of the women's all-around finals in gymnastics and medal races in swimming. However, with the track preliminaries happening live, there's a chance you may not see Andrade on KTVB. If you don't want to miss his run, you'll want to turn on USA instead. They will be covering the entire session.

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The former Bronco has already had an exciting start to the Tokyo games. In addition to hilariously debunking the myths about the cardboard "anti-intimacy" beds in the Olympic Village, he was selected as the male flag bearer for Team Cape Verde during the Parade of Nations during last week's opening ceremony.

Andrade, who has dual citizenship in Cape Verde, represented his father's home country in the 2016 Rio games where (after protesting a disqualification in the first round) he became the member of Team Cape Verde to qualify for an Olympic semifinal. This time around, he's been working hard to make it one round further and make the medal finals.

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Pursuing those dreams takes a little money. For the most part the money for travel and training comes out of Andrade's own pocket. Working part-time as an American Airlines Envoy Fleet Service Clerk gives him some flight perks, but he's found another creative way beyond his GoFund Me fundraiser to raise a little money.

Andrade is also a Super Host on Air BnB and his properties are incredibly cool! Both of them are located in Louisville, Kentucky so if you're planning on taking a trip there take a look around! They may the perfect place for your next vacation and staying there will help him pursue not just his Olympic dreams, but dreams up becoming a Chiropractor. (He's currently taking classes to pursue the career at Parker University.)

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