Boise State men's basketball team is DANCING and for the first time ever--they aren't a 12-seed. May we put this bluntly? They're a "real" seed. The Broncos deserve it-- after winning the regular season Mountain West Championship and winning the tournament championship, as well, Leon Rice and company are indeed, by title, the best in the Mountain West.

So why are Boise State fans whining? They wanted a higher seed.

Many of the experts nationally had Boise State ranked higher than the 8-seed that the program was awarded.

It's so very clear that Boise isn't used to March--this is when we need to act like we've been there.

Many fans seem to think that Colorado State shouldn't be seeded higher. Are we forgetting that the Rams beat Boise State not once by twice? They also have wins against Saint Mary's and Creighton.

Others feel that "Little old Saint Mary's" shouldn't be a 5-seed because Boise State is so much better.  We're sorry-- but Saint Mary's, with a win over Gonzaga and a storied history in March really does deserve that placement.

Boise, we're new to all of this March Madness stuff and while the team did the unthinkable this season, that doesn't mean that they're destined for a national championship. As lovers of March know, getting into that bracket is half of the battle. Ask an unselected Texas A&M team--that frankly, Boise State would struggle beating--how they're feeling about being left out all together?

Sure a Boise State vs. Gonzaga matchup could be epic--but are we really taking Memphis that lightly? One game at a time, Bronco Nation. Mark Few and Leon Rice go way back--and while Gonzaga can relate to the "Cinderella" story line more than anyone in the nation, it's not a pretty matchup for the Broncos who have squeaked out a lot of lucky wins this season.

Our moral of the story is this-- Boise State is ranked for only the second time in school history--in BASKETBALL. Many say that's tougher to do than in football, even. The team has secured an 8-seed, the best in program history. This team is on a ROLL. Let's not be getting ahead of ourselves, though.

Boise State is DANCING. Let that sink in. Celebrate it. Seed, shmeed, man!

At the end of the day, seeds 7-11 really do even out competitively and if the Broncos are destined to make a run in March, we know that Leon Rice & Company will do just that. This historic step is something to be built on--and it isn't going to happen overnight.

Boise State plays Memphis in Portland, Oregon on Thursday at 11:45 a.m. and will be televised on TNT.


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