Sometimes, "a shooter just has to shoot" in the game of basketball--and isn't that the truth. It doesn't matter if that player is on a streak or not-- sometimes, a team just has THAT guy or girl that you know when it comes down to crunch time, CAN make that play.

This is exactly what Boise State saw on the court last night.

On a 10-game winning streak, the Boise State men's basketball team, lead by Head Coach Leon Rice (formerly of the dominant Gonzaga Bulldogs program), marched into the intense setting of Utah State University. Utah State is traditionally a conference leader and an at-large or bubble-worthy candidate for March Madness.

With under 5 seconds left in the game, a tie-game made it look like overtime was likely for the Broncos. Markus Shaver--a team leader all year long that hadn't hit a basket all game, took a three point shot that dropped right in.

Perhaps the most talked-about part of all of this, DESPITE the fact that the game winning shot dropped right though the net, is how "unanimated" the announcers were. Do we think they were rooting for Boise State? Not in the slightest. Typically, these types of shots evoke a real reaction from sports announcers but this two just gave a very flat "it's good". Check out the shot and listen to the play call for yourself, BELOW:  



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